TBS viewers will get a little more than they bargained for when they tune in to TBS Weekend Extra. Not only will they get a hit movie…they’ll get a riotous romp stampeding through current events and pop-culture. Each week our hosts and a revolving panel of comedians will tackle the talkers of the week. Through a variety of segments our panelists will offer their playful insights on everything from stars behind bars to wacky celebrity baby names.

TBS Weekend Extra has pop culture covered with our hosts Rossi Morreale and Tanika Ray who always have plenty to say about what’s making news each week. Plus, our man Carlos Diaz will bring us the latest and greatest straight from the Las Vegas strip! Yes, if it happens in Vegas, it happens right here on TBS Weekend Extra!

If people are bubbling about it, it’ll be in TBS Weekend Extra’s “Water Cooler”. Our flagship segment gives three comedians the chance to have some fun with the talkers of the week. Also, we’re always looking for that “fish out of water” story to send our “Man on the Street” comedian to cover. Then for a kicker, we’ll round up the latest CD’s, Video Games and must haves in “Plugged In.”

Bottom line: TBS Weekend Extra is going to turn the world of pop culture reporting on its ear…without causing any permanent or psychological damage.