2006 - DV - 11min

In the tradition of “AIRPLANE” and “SCARY MOVIE,” “07” is both a parody and loving tribute to the popular television series.  Condensing all of the high-octane excitement of a typical episode to a mere 7 minutes of “real-time” action, the short film follows maverick federal agent Jack Dour (Randy Irwin) as he once again saves Los Angeles from terrorist destruction.

From casting to production design, the filmmakers realized that in order to properly capture the essence of “24,” they had to come as close to the original program as possible.  Using scripts from the original series as a guide, casting director Pixie Monroe set out to find actors who resembled Kiefer Sutherland and Dennis Haysbert.  Production Designer Diane Hanamoto built a faithful recreation of the show’s CTU set from scratch in just ten hours (shooting started before it was finished).  Every element from costume design to editing was inspired by the show’s unique look and feel.

Winner Best Editing
Beverly Hills Shorts Film Festival (2007)
48 Hour Film Festival LA (2006)

Winner Best Special Effects
48 Hour Film Festival LA (2006)

Winner Best Graphics
48 Hour Film Festival LA (2006)

Official Selection
Arizona International Film Festival (2007)
Comic-Con Film Festival (2007)
California Independent Film Festival (2007)
Hollywood HD/DV Film Festival (2007)